Depicto real-time collaborative document review

Depicto Pro Multiuser Collaboration web software

DEPICTO PRO modernizes the office. We all used to copy, fax, mark up, email attachments, then explain over the phone.
Instead, instantly upload to Depicto, then invite colleagues, show, point out, demonstrate, explain, draw, chat, in real-time.
A web hosted application - nothing to download or install, works through a web browser.

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Welcome to Depicto. We are a software startup in New York developing web hosted collaboration tools. Our products range from an online family game room to an advanced business application for real-time multiuser collaboration. Professional Depicto tools are already in use on advertising and film productions, and in commercial photography.


Depicto platform is ideal for small businesses in design, architecture, fashion, arts, advertising, photography, real estate, and manufacturing industries, and can be customized to fit the specific client needs. Our consumer web tools are deployed in the US, Latin America and Japan and are freely open to the public worldwide.