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  Company History

It all started with Site4view, an advertising production shop, back in 2000. While working with our clients, we simultaneously developed online tools to bring film and ad photoshoots to make better use of web technology. Over time, Depicto platform emerged, and in the early 2005, Depicto company was born. Our professional applications were already being used by our clients for quite some time. Recently we also launched our consumer web tools as free public beta services in the US, Latin America and Japan. Now we're offering Depicto Professional, a simple application that creates for business users a better experience than xerox-fax-email communication.


Gela Sulikashvili

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Gela taught mathematics, climbed mountains, and studied government and business at Harvard and Yale Universities. A New Yorker since 1997, he worked as Media Director at a political consultancy and as an investment advisor for Eurasian joint ventures while simultaneously producing for television. After a stint on Wall Street, Gela co-founded Site4view, an advertising production shop. As company CEO responsible for overall strategy and development, Gela led the launching of Depicto in 2005.

Isabelle Kostic

Isabelle studied art and architecture at Ecole du Louvre in Paris, worked in fashion with designers Thierry Mugler and Jean Paul Gaultier. Later attended New York University Film School and worked with such directors as Steven Spielberg, Luc Besson and Karan Johar. Co-founder of Site4view and Depicto with Gela Sulikashvili in 2000, she runs Site4view, our film and advertising production company.


Kyril Mossin
Head of Interactive Services

Kyril attained a Masters degree in Network Engineering, but chose to work in advertising design and photo post-production. Later he became a Web designer and art director, building Internet presence and interactive ad campaigns for companies like GE, IBM, Panasonic, Sony, and advertising agencies Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi. Since joining Site4view in 2001 as Head of Interactive Services, Kyril oversees the overall creative and technology strategies and manages software and creative production.

Aleksandar Mancic,
Lead Programmer

We discovered Aleksandar early in his career. He joined Site4view in 2002, while still studying computer science in college. By that time he has already created an impressive array of advanced web applications. He excels in cutting edge programming tools and software architecture methods. His motto - "There is no such thing as 'impossible'".

   Contact Information

We like to keep in touch with visitors, clients, industry, press, competitors - we welcome inquiries from everyone. Our email is info at depicto dot com

We are located in downtown Manhattan:
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