Depicto real-time collaborative document review

Depicto Portfolio is a tool for photographers or other creatives to upload and organize their images, put together and send portfolios to clients, then monitor response and receive feedback. Similar to Visualxchange or Livebooks, only free. See a working demo account here [login: demo, password: demo]
Or just request a free account in your name

Depicto Adboard is a web workspace for advertising and film shoots, allowing project teams to review daily locations and casting photos, and to brainstorm in a multiuser mode. See a working demo here

Depicto Stock is a stock photo gallery application with search and ordering capabilities. Can be easily installed on any website. See a working demo at

Depicto Basic - photo sharing and drawing 'playspace'. Allows friends or family members to upload pictures to a shared window, to draw, write, and chat.

Depicto Español - spanish language Depicto Basic. Users can upload images, design artwork and virtual postcards.

Depicto Japan - japanese language version of Depicto picture sharing service.